Welcome to Cottontail Living.

A blog about well rounded health and happiness.  I created this blog to share all of the wonderful things I’ve learned on my fitness, spiritual, and wellness journey as an introverted individual. I’ve come a long way from living as a victim of life to living as a commander of life. 

I never felt comfortable with the societal standardization of what life should be and I struggled following my heart while being drowned out by all the noise and voices around me. Today, I am 100% living and loving life the way I want to. I encourage everyone to take what’s within their control and transmute it into something beautiful.  

About the pages.

Stay happy. – learn how to keep your mind in a happy space.
Stay healthy. – learn the how to keep your body and the environment around you clean.
Stay fit. – learn how to create and maintain your physical fitness for free.

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