Mango Butter – Your New BFF

What is that, you ask? My latest obsession and your new cosmetic best friend.

Mango butter comes from the de-shelled kernel of the mango tree. It is a semi-solid butter and turns to liquid around 84°f. BUT it is malleable enough that it warms up in your hands. It’s super hydrating and not greasy, like coconut oil. Mango butter is packed with vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, and natural antioxidants. All of these fancy things help prevent sun damage, wrinkles, pimples, and also helps to heal dry, damaged skin. The best part is it only has one ingredient: mango butter. None of that filler that is found in pretty much any body care product! I recommend reading this article on The Best Organic Skin Care for more information.

I use it as a face moisturizer AND a body lotion. Being prone to extremely dry skin, this has been the only thing I’ve discovered that nourishes it. Once I started using mango butter as a face moisturizer, my face got the hydration it needed and I had fewer pimples- since apparently dryness was the cause of them in the first place. Many articles on the topic mention that it is easily absorbed. I have found this to be true for the most part- definitely as a body lotion- but make sure you use a thinner layer if you’re using it as a face moisturizer.

There are tons of DIY recipes you can find to amp mango butter up as a hair mask or moisturizer. But honestly, it can be too much work. It works just fine as is. 😉

If you’re interested in trying this versatile product, I recommend these:

Remember, in any product, whether it be food, cleaning, or cosmetic, its important to know where it is coming from (i.e small business or big corporation) and how the products are sourced (ethically or unethically). It should be good for you and the environment!

-Ze ❤

**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only.**

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