Book Review – Guides, Guardians, and Angels

By: D.J. Conway
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-0-7387-1124-9

Guides, Guardians, and Angels is a book for learning how to contact your spirit guides. It is a great book for those who are interested in learning about each of the topics listed in the title, providing a brief history for each, color and crystal associations, and plenty of meditations. At the back of the book, there is an appendix and an extensive “books of interest” section, providing numerous titles to further your reading as well more information on the chakra system, a visual map of the meditations, and more.

D.J. Conway writes in a way that alludes to a least a beginner’s knowledge in the new age realm. I recommend this book if you are already familiar with basic spiritual and occult concepts. That isn’t to say, however, that this cant is your first experience into this world. Just have an open mind while reading. The same can be said of anything we come across in this life.

Conway’s book primarily focuses on debunking common misconceptions about angels as we know them by dedicating 3 chapters to the subject. It’s all very fascinating. I did learn a great deal about new things, which is always exciting. As for the things I was already familiar with, my conviction behind them only became greater.

Though guides, guardians, and angels exist in some form or another in all cultures worldwide, the way this book was written seems to have stronger pagan/Wiccan roots in terms of her methods of interacting with the entities. Conway does, however, provide each mediation with options for Wiccans, pagans, and new age followers. It seems the best way to use the meditations is to record yourself reading them aloud then playing it back. Regardless what your beliefs are, the imagery in the meditations is so beautiful and serene. At the very least, it’s a great vacation for your mind! Try them out and see what happens.

Overall, I believe this book to be a great piece of knowledge for any library, whether you’re a beginner or adept on the subject matter. With a list of correspondences, color meanings, and loads of meditations you can record on your phone, it is a must-have!

Ze ❤

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