Back To Basics

Hi guys! It’s been awhile. Things seemed to have finally calmed down after what felt like a very, very long build up. Between work and preparing for an international vacation, any energy I would normally use to write had been depleted. I can proudly say that I am rejunivinated and have gained a new sense of clarity. I’d like to share something that happened to me on my trip to Japan, an inward moment that has since helped me more definitively in thought and action.

The Prelude

As I lay in my hotel room alone in Tokyo at 3am, I can’t help but question, well, everything. Walking around the streets of Japan, I see everyone with a phone in their hands traversing through a technological wonderland- including me (thanks to the power of roaming). All of this has got me thinking- where do I stand in all of this? Who am I in a sea of people? Who am I when the crowds are gone, when there is no one around me, and it’s just me, myself, and I? What defines me against all others? What makes me me?

The Wake Up Call

This is the first solo trip I’ve taken and it has been amazing thus far. I’ve put myself out there and have been “where the people are” for the majority of my time. But, thanks to the rain and jetlag, for the past 3 hours I have been willingly confined to my hotel room watching numerous Jenna Marbles videos and “The Good Place” episodes. Everything was fine and dandy until I got a YouTube upload notification from Boho Beautiful. The video is called “Terrible Vegans” and their content has brought me to the previous questions and more.

This video momentarily shattered me. I felt like every inch of me was a piece of shrapnel hanging in mid air as time was frozen around me. What are my ethics? What are my morals? Where do I put my foot down in life and speak out against what I believe in? What are my inspirations, my passions, my motivators? This video had also presented an opportunityan opportunity to look at my entirety and learn about myself. I had the chance to look at all the pieces and select only the best to reconstruct a better “me”. But, to even begin to look within to find the answers, I needed to go back to basics.

For the past 4 days since I had arrived, I hadn’t meditated, hadn’t studied Japanese,  and had only done one work yoga video- all things that usually help me keep ahold of my identity. To go beyond this default and even begin to address everything I asked myself, I began here:

Question #1 – What do I believe in?

Belief #1: eating whole, non synthetic foods. I am all for eating veggies and fruits. And things with minimal ingredients.  Some vegan alternatives freak me out with all the things they combine just to make a vegan burger, mac n cheese, etc. Processed food is processed food.

Belief #2: committed to raising my frequency towards positivity, love and light. And offering others a way to do that in a world that perpetuates unhealthy practices for the sake of comradery.

Question #2 – What moves me? (always seek out these things out)

  • Nature
  • Esoteric/Occult/Metaphysical studies
  • Plant based food
  • Writing
  • Physical activities

With this now in mind and 6 days remaining in my trip, I have been given a gift to redefine myself…

Since returning from my trip, I have let my “what moves me” list guide me and so far, the results have been astounding. By realigning with I believe to be my purpose in life, everything just clicked. It has helped me step out of my comfort zone, act more confidently, and take action. This self work goes beyond one post of course, but I feel that answering “what do I believe in?” and “what moves me” are pretty good places to start.

So, my friends, I leave you with this: vacation is a great way to take you out of your element and reevaluate your day-to-day life while you’re on the outside of it. Does it resonate with your morals? Does it ignite your soul? If not, go back to basics.

Love and Light,
Ze ❤

**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only.**

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