Coronavirus – An Unpopular Opinion

By now, I’m sure you are well aware of what is going on in the world pertaining to health and wellness or lack thereof. The infamous “Covid-19” has plagued the planet and people are running scared, hoarding groceries, and filing for unemployment. And what are we to do you when the entire world is telling us we’re all sick? FEAR LIFE ITSELF, of course. Right? Absolutely wrong.

Just as day turns into night and one season changes into another, life is also a cycle filled with good things and bad things. It’s how we learn to appreciate what we have. Every generation seems to go through a monumental event in time- a war, an economic collapse, assassinations. The Coronavirus is serving as just that for this generation.

The stillness that this has brought upon us has (hopefully) caused us to stop in our tracks and think. One thing you can count on in this world is change- transformation, evolution. Another thing you can count is that everything is a matter of perspective. Perspective during troubling times can either make or break us teaching us who we are in the process.

“Fear is just a prayer for something we don’t want.”

Dr. Debra Gambrell from Gaia’s “Real Immunity”

Ever hear someone say “stop worrying, you’ll make yourself sick?” There is truth in that. Fear, stress, and worry literally lower your immune system. They target your adrenals and thyroid glands which are your body’s way of handling stress. Don’t believe me? Check out these articles:


“To conquer fear is to gain wisdom.”

Gaia’s “Real Immunity”

 Along with words like “Coronavirus” and “Covid-19”, the media is also throwing “social distancing” and “quarantine” our way. These have become synonymous with our current existence.

As we also know, the media is a fear-mongering mechanism that mostly shares the terribleness of what’s going on. I’m here to tell you that it is okay to step away from the news- from the chaos and the fear. You don’t have to watch it 24/7. Quoting a dear friend of mine, “you need to know what’s going on, but it gets to a point where watching the monkies dance just becomes depressing and you need to have some humor to balance it out.” This is also a fact. It’s scientifically proven that laughter boosts the immune system: “Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke”  

Side note: If politicians and government have already known about the virus before it blew to the proportion that it has, how then, are you sure you can trust the very information they are shelling out on the media? Flipping the coin, it’s not worth it to cast blame. The point is that it is here now and the way you react sets a standard for yourself and others.    


Can we also please change the terminology that’s been springing up? It’s not a “disease” nor a “war”. It’s a virus and a new challenge to overcome with help from everyone around the world. Let us be thankful that here in America, it’s not an actual war where people are dying in the streets at the hand of another. With wording like this, we create resistance within ourselves. Resistance creates stress and as we know stress lowers the immune system.  

During the past 2 years, there has been an emphasis in health and wellness routines that encapsulate mind, body, and spirit- mostly confined to the “new age” community and millennials. The whole Corona Virus thing has just kicked all of that into high gear. Because of this, there is a good portion of people who are thrilled to have ample time for self-care, meditations, journaling, reading, etc. There is also a good portion of people who are asking themselves, “how do I even do that?”, “where do I start?”, or even “who am I without the people and things I’m used to being around?”  

Short story: There was a moment after a relationship had ended where I realized I didn’t know what to do when I was by myself. And at that moment, I vowed to change it and embarked on a journey of self-discovery That meant finding out what I enjoyed, what made me excited and becoming my own #1.  To begin walking this path and befriending yourself, here is a good list of questions to ask that I found on Instagram:    


You can also ask yourself has there been a project you wanted to start or a skill you wanted to pick up? What about a book you’ve put off reading? Is there a place you always wanted to travel? Plan it out for the future! This isn’t going to last forever, you know (but a lot longer than 2-weeks). Find out what you’ve always wanted to do, learn, and aspire to be. Think about the steps you’ll take to get there. When you get sad, depressed, angry- whatever- feel it, express it healthily and move on.  

Another thing to think about is what this is teaching us as individuals and as a collective. A couple observations I’ve made are:  

1. It is teaching us how important self-care is. This is the time (always, but especially now more than ever) to take care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. It is also teaching us togetherness- yes, there are loads of people who are frantic and panicking that they will get sick and are in turn acting from a place fear, not putting their best selves forward, BUT that can’t be said for everyone. It is an active choice one makes to display compassion and kindness during times like these. Below are accounts and people who had made/make that choice:

Here are some more things to think about:

  1. You guys, SPRING IS HERE! Birds are chirping, bulb flowers have begun to awaken from their slumber, there are buds on trees and greener grass!
  2. With all of this mandated quarantine,  the earth gets to heal from all the nonsense we have wrought upon her. She gets to breathe again and breathe anew. That’s beautiful.
  3. There are so many people offering free services and classes right now. Look around the internet!
  4. People are becoming more conscious- more aware- of their thoughts and actions.
  5. Positive Pioneers! There have been loads of individuals stepping to the forefront to help society, both locally and abroad.
  6. Your body wants you to live. There are more forces working for you than against you. Trust that everything will be okay.
  7. For the love of all divine, please do not spend all of your time sedentary. It will drive you mad. There are lots of workouts being created daily and ones targeted to boost immunity specifically. Move your body! It will make you feel better.
  8. Take it day by day. Make a routine for yourself. Have a task list of all the things you want to accomplish. Stay focused and present.
  9. Please keep in mind small businesses- restaurants, convenience stores, specialty stores, hair salons, etc. If you have disposable income, buy from them. If their products are unattainable, buy a gift card. It’s the small businesses we want to see thrive and they actually need our help.

And if I may take a moment to share my feelings on this pandemic: *clears throat* I will no longer accept a negative mindset or shy away from my perspective. I am putting my foot down and choose to stand by the tools that have helped me overcome all the propaganda and collective social BS. Hope is not lost. Everything happens for a reason. Your truth is your truth and mine is mine, but mentality sets the stage for how you deal with this. Let’s all just respect that.  

Honestly, I hope that when we all is said and done, things won’t be as they were before. As this has all taught us, it can’t be. Think about how complacent our lives have pretty much been, expecting that we can just go to the movies, dine out at a restaurant, go to school, etc. Our society needed something to shake us out of our stupor and look at things with a new lens. The world needed to change. Have you noticed how we are all more of a global community? This is something that we are ALL going through and it is tremendous. And I for one, am really excited to see what the future holds. Like I said in the title, this is my unpopular opinion.   

Please remember, everything will always, always be okay. You are not alone. Our humanity is what unites us. We will adapt and overcome as we always have. That is what we as humans do. Stay present, take it moment by moment. This too shall pass and when it does, don’t forgo everything you’ve accomplished and acquired during your social isolation.

Do your part: sanitize things, wash your hands, respect social distancing (easy for most introverts, am I right? 😉) and breathe.  

Love and Light,

Ze ❤️


**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only. All images are obtained from Google search engine.**


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