At-Home Fitness Routine 2.0 – Week 3

After completing Rebecca Louise’s 30-Day “It Takes Grit” Challenge (see here), I learned what my body is capable of doing. The yoga heavy fitness routine I was doing previously no longer excited me. That’s why I am proud to introduce “At-Home Fitness Routine 2.0”! 

What’s the difference? This new routine features YouTube videos that challenge the body, helping to build more strength and toning with a sprinkle of yoga and energy work. It’s a step up from the previous three months. For an in-depth explanation of the type of each workout, please visit My At-Home Fitness Routine. As this is a personal routine, things are subject to change if I feel my body wants to move differently than the prescribed day or needs to rest.

  • Monday: Cardio/Strength
  • Tuesday: Cardio/Strength
  • Wednesday: Yin Yoga
  • Thursday: Cardio/Strength
  • Friday: Cardio/Strength
  • Saturday: Qi Gong
  • Sunday: Kundalini Yoga
  • 2x a week: Krav Maga and kickboxing with a local studio. Substitute with at-home Boxing/ Kickboxing workouts.








Happy working out!

Love and light, 


 **Disclaimer: I am not associated with any links that I post. All programs, products, sites that I mention are for sharing purposes only. All images are from the Google search engine. Where applicable, consult with any physicians necessary before embarking on a fitness journey.**

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