The Best Post Workout Drink. EVER.

Working out is cool and all, but did you know what you eat right after and how soon is just as important?

Once upon a Rebecca Louise workout, I learned that AT LEAST 20-30mins after you workout, you need to consume some healthy calories. Once upon a Fitness Blender workout later, Kellie emphasized having a snack ranging from 200-300 calories within that same time frame. I was getting the hint that I this was something i had to learn more about so I decided to do my own research. I came across three articles putting all that science into layman’s terms. Below is the most simple version, but if youd like to delve a little deeper click here or here.

It’s common not to feel like food straight after a workout, but what you heard is correct. It’s best to eating something within 30 minutes to an hour after exercising in order to refuel and allow recovery to take place. Your body loses a lot during a workout (including lots of sweat!) and this small window period straight after allows your muscles to take in protein — amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle tissue — electrolytes like potassium and carbohydrates. They then get stored away for energy and muscle repair. Of course you can wait longer to eat, but your muscles are less likely to take in the nutrients from these foods, which can lead to a decrease in energy and leave you feeling stiff and sore.

Source: PopSugar Fitness

I’m always looking to up my fitness game and that includes eating better and cleaner so if consuming something 20-30 minutes after my workout meant I would get stronger and toner faster, then I was game. There was, however, a problem: I wanted to throw up after I ate anything solid after working out. I typically don’t eat anything solid until a good 3-4 hours after I wake up. Most protein drinks taste AWFUL, to boot, and well, all know how I feel about nutrition bars (see here).

And then there was the second problem: I was finally getting good at the healthy eating part, but if you’re like me, you may have a morning routine and eating breakfast came after my work out, my mediation, getting dressed,walking the dog, etc. and that could take anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. I tried a number of different things that didn’t work to give my muscles the boost they needed. Then one miraculous day, I found Orgain vegan all-in-one shakes.

I finally, FINALLY found something that tasted good and got the job done. Orgain all-in-one protein shakes come in a terrapack and contain a large assortment of organic fruits and veggies, chia seeds and pea protein. Each of the vegan drinks is gluten/dairy/lactose/soy free, Non-GMO, has 16g of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, and is 220 calories per drink. You can buy them individually, in a 4 pack or 12 pack.

If I lost you at vegan, have no fear! They have dairy shakes in tons of different flavors and several different protein powders including keto- friendly. They have superfoods, collagen peptides, kids drinks and more.

Another reason why I love this product so much is how it all began. The founder, Andrew Abraham, had cancer as a teen and healed himself through food. Orgain came from a place of love and wanting to help others. Conventional foods just don’t cut it. So many things that are promoted out there are crap and sold as short cuts. A lot of people don’t care about your health, they care about your money and doctors aren’t even taught, at least back in the day, about how nutrition directly effects your health. The 3 minute video below is the moving story of Andrew’s journey and how that led him to quitting is job as a doctor to pursue something for the greater good.

Honestly, it’s not hard to eat healthy if you are in the position to choose what you can eat. You just have to have the courage and will power to forge your own path away from all the marketing. It’s not more expensive to eat better as “they” say it is- the processed food look-a-likes are. All those dairy and meat alternatives end up adding a whole bunch of by-product to make something “look and taste like the real thing”.

It doesn’t mean you still can’t eat the crap food you love on occasion. Just put more of the good, unprocessed stuff into your body and you’ll naturally stop eating lesser foods. You’ll also notice the fog lift from your mind and eyes, feel more present, and excited to be alive. You’ll be able to take control and move towards life, not death. It is possible. Eating healthy is a very tangible thing once you get past all the BS that’s falsely labeled as “healthy”.

To visit Orgain’s website, click here.

Note: Orgain products are available for purchase on the website, Amazon, Whole Foods, and Market Basket.

Love and light,
Ze ❤

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Kundalini – The Yoga Style You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contract within the body. When it expands, it passes through the brain, heart and body to experience life, and when the same subtle thread of the spirit, is taken inward, it contracts itself into the soul, to experience the bliss from within.”
Roshan Sharma

According to the article “What is Kundalini Yoga?” written on Gaia, one of the top streaming services for spirituality, Lisa Fierer states, “The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to provide a modality by which people can achieve their maximum creative potential, free themselves from Karma (the lasting effects of past actions) and realize their life purpose.” If Hatha Yoga strengthens major muscles and Yin Yoga strengthens connective tissue,  Kundalini Yoga strengthens the energetic and spiritual body.

Brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga is meant to stimulate the serpent at the base of our spine, or in laymen’s terms, stir up the energy within us. This energy is said to be our “Shakti”- our life force. By awakening the snake, it removes any stagnant or blocked energy allowing it to move through each of our 7 chakras with ease. Kundalini is a combination of:

  • Bhakti Yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting)
  • Raja Yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control)
  • Shakti Yoga (for the expression of power and energy).

What happens during a Kundalini practice?

You begin by tuning in. You first rub the palms together to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings, balancing the two brain hemispheres. Then, you bring your palms together in prayer position, breathe in, and chant “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”. This helps you to attune into the divine energy. Some practices may or may not rub the palms together, but the chant is always a must.

After that, there will be a series of poses done sequentially that form a kriya– meaning “completed action”. Yogapedia describes kriya as a “set of practices, mainly breath control techniques and exercises, that are practiced to achieve a specific outcome.” Some examples of these specific outcomes are relieving a heartbreak, becoming radiant, and invoking prosperity. These poses will also incorporate specific mudras to stimulate different areas and functions within the body. To conclude the practice, you will bring yourself into a cross-legged pose and your hands into prayer. With a final breath in, on the exhale you’ll chant a long “Sat” and short “Nam”. I am truth.

Sounds simple, right? Nope. Kundalini Yoga is one of the most physically challenging yoga practices I’ve ever taken. It requires a lot of  muscular strength to hold the poses on average from 3 to 5 minutes. Why do it then? Because it is one of the most rewarding yoga practices there can be. 

Kundalini Yoga has become one of my favorite styles of yoga. Admittingly, I enjoy it a lot more now that my strength has improved and I’m able to actually hold the poses. Don’t let your fitness level deter you though! It helps move through energy blocks fast and the results are almost instantaneous. I have definitely cried in several practices. When I’m down about living as a human, I turn to Kundalini. It has its own way of putting life into perspective.

Kundalini Yoga seems to be a lesser known form of yoga which means there is limited access to it. You can, however, like everything, find it on YouTube. Kimilla Grace and Brett Larkin each have numerous free Kundalini classes. There is a larger library on Gaia, but you need a subscription to view it. Below are two videos, one a beginner practice and the other a more intermediate practice to show you how involved it can get.

I highly recommend Kundalini Yoga to all of my fellow metaphysical, esoteric and occult lovers out there. Having this tool in your arsenal on the path to spiritual and personal growth is a must. It’ll leave you feeling more connected, rejuvenated, and divine.

“Awakening into the God state makes all the perceptual limitations of the mind disappear, just like a bucket of muddy water turns crystal-clear once poured into the ocean.”
Abhijit Naskar

To view Kimilla Grace’s channel, click here
To view Brett Larkin’s channel, click here
To view Lisa Fierer’s full Gaia article, click here

Love and Light,
Ze ❤

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Don’t Know Where To Start With Your Fitness Journey? Try here.

You really want to get into fitness. You go on Youtube, type in “workout for beginners” and thousands of videos pop up. You scroll through, looking at the thumbnails, the titles. After a few minutes, you finally decide on one. “Uh…I guess this one looks good”. You click on it. After the “skip ad” is clicked, the video starts. The instructor greets you. “WELCOME TO MY BEGINNER FITNESS VIDEO EVERYONE! ARE YOU READY TO DIE?!” “Wait, what?”, you ask yourself. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU! ARE YOU READY TO DIE? :D”. “Y…yes?” “GOOD LET’S GO!” The torture ensues. You’re drenched after only a few minutes in. “GUESS WHATS NEXT?!”, the instructor asks. “What?”, you moan. “30 REPS OF BURPEES!” Nope. You turn that video off. “Eff this fitness crap! I. Am. DONE!”

Has this ever happened to you before? You’re motivated and really, really try to work out, but you just can’t find a good fit? Even if it’s a beginner workout, it still seems to be too much? It has definitely happened to me. I’ve been active my whole life, but it was only about 2-3 years ago when I started doing longer, more challenging workouts. I gradually increased how long I would work out over time. I started, however, with doing just 10 minutes a day.

There is a channel that paved the way for my fitness journey, it is called Blogilates.

Cassey Ho is a super bubbly Pilates instructor. She built her company from the ground up and now has over 4 million subscribers. Her channel appeals to mainstream with its well designed videos, clean graphics and song choices. As she has gained in popularity, Cassey has a lot of collaborations with other fitness instructors. She also has a passion for fashion and has since be able to create her own athletic wear. Cassey’s channel is packed with information about how to eat healthy for cheap, typical fitness struggles, addresses dieting myths, and more. She also shares her own journey and struggles with fitness- very relatable ones at that.

The Blogilates channel has loads of videos to choose from including a bridal boot camp series, apartment-friendly series, and a PIIT series (Pilates intense interval training, Cassey’s own creation). To see a complete list of her videos, click here. Some are complete workouts (includes warm up and cool down), but most do not. Make sure you do a light cardio warm up and some stretches afterward.

What’s good about her videos:
-they’re short
-they’re effective
-they’re a great introduction to building strength to taking on longer workouts.

Cassey really has created a fitness empire. From filming videos in her college dorm to filming in her own studio, Cassey now goes on tour with her program POP Pilates. Through this program, you can become a certified POP Pilates instructor. For more information, click here.

Blogilates was my first fitness channel when I decided I wanted to get serious about working out. Back then, I believe she had the subscribers in the hundred thousands, so it is really awesome to have watched her growth over all these years. I am really happy she had the chance to combine everything she loves doing and make a successful living off of it.

Keep in mind that these are Pilates videos and that is just one of many fitness styles. If this isn’t your cup of tea and you’re still searching for something you like, keep trying different things! There’s yoga, weight training, running, marital arts, kickboxing, CrossFit, and so many other ways to get your body in shape.

P.S She now creates these super adorable and relatable comics.

To visit the Blogilates YouTube channel, click here.
To visit the Blogilates Instagram, click here.
To visit the POP Pilates Instagram, click here

Ze ❤

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Take A Break – Your Sanity Depends On It.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post anything last week. I work two jobs and just started taking self-defense classes. I really tried to, but with all that, the Easter holiday week, and a local strike that increased our business, I was burnt out. I wanted to run away. I wanted to just lay in bed and sleep forever. Those feelings usually signal that I need a break, time to recharge more than I usually do. But how do you do that when you still have to work, pay bills, and uphold commitments? I’ve discovered the answer is prioritizing.

Take a look at your week. Write it out. Mark down when you work, any necessary things- like picking up children-, and any social things going on. Now, take a look at how much time you can spend on yourself. How much is there? Is there any at all? MAKE TIME. Your health depends on it. Cancel anything and everything you can. Maybe that even means calling out from work for one day, or leaving early. You’d leave if you physically weren’t feeling well, right? Mentally feeling well is just as important.

If you’re the type of person who is recharged by social engagements, by all means, make contact with people you haven’t seen, and go out a little more than usual. If you’re the type of person who is drained by social engagements, cancel whatever isn’t necessary. If you’re dreading doing something or going someplace in this current moment, don’t go. Don’t worry if they’re gonna be mad or if you don’t want to disappoint someone. Your health is on the line and if they are truly your friends, they will know you and understand that you really just need time to yourself.

Also, be extremely kind to yourself, well always, but especially right now. You may already be on the verge of an outburst or a breakdown. If there is something you’ve been wanting to buy or a treat you’ve been craving, go ahead. I always feel like I’m reverting back to a child like-temper when I am overwhelmed with life- being extremely sensitive to everything. So treat yourself as such, and be loving and compassionate. Note that needing/giving yourself a break DOES NOT make you weak. In fact, it helps you become stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m spanning this post across all three of my categories because it really does affect how you stay happy, healthy and fit.

Stay Happy.
Taking a break from things is a necessity for your mental health! During last week, I found myself becoming short with people and just wanting to cry whenever anybody asked me anything. All I could think about was what I had to do when I got home, but when I got there, I would just put on Arrow and stay in bed. I knew that I hadn’t come up with two posts for last Wednesday. I had ideas, but when it came down to writing them, I had nothing. I was drained. I even started thinking “what if this happens all the time? Why did I start this blog? How am I gonna keep it going?” It snowballed and I started feeling ugly things. But in all actuality, that’s not truly how I feel about Cottontail Living, I love it. I love writing and sharing with you guys. It took a lot to be brave enough to not post anything- I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who reads my blog. I could not, however, ignore the fact that my energy wasn’t there in terms of writing. It was there when I took my self-defense classes.

I learned to go where energy flows and not to make myself do something because of a schedule I set up for myself. I really just wanted to attend my class and hang out with people. So, I suspended my writing and anything else with an approaching deadline and did those very things. And, I had such a great time. I followed where I was already putting my energy to and now I feel restored. Sometimes we set such rigid rules or routines for ourselves that we think they are permanent things in our lives that we HAVE to adhere to. Life is never like that, though. It is constantly fluxing and flowing, and just like that, we should learn to do the same. It’s kind of like the buildings they have where earthquakes are frequent- the structure sort of moves with the motion to minimize damage as opposed to a solid structure that can crumble under too much stress.

Stay Healthy.
Taking a break is also healthy for your body. A common thing with companies nowadays is to cut the workforce and put more responsibility on employees without proper compensation. This physically wears you down depending on how hard of a worker you are. Stress is contributed to so many health ailments such as weight gain, depression, heart disease-just to name a few. It causes such an imbalance to your thought process by putting stress on the mind and it can disrupt your eating habits. If you’re so busy, when you have a moment to eat it’s probably going to be something not so great for you. Stress and overwork can also disrupt your fitness routine. When you’re overwhelmed and work late every night, do you sacrifice sleep or fitness before the morning comes and you have to go back work again? But guess what, you’re only human! You need to establish and uphold boundaries so you don’t become miserable and get to this state in the first place. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you need to push past your limits just to be a good worker.

Stay Fit.
Believe it or not, taking a day, or a couple days not to workout helps you get stronger. You’re allowing your muscles and body to heal by giving them time to recover and grow. If you’re sore or even injured and you push through the pain, you do not help anyone. You especially do not help yourself. If you workout under those conditions, you’re stressing your body out more and causing further injury. Muscles don’t just change while you’re working out, what you do after the workout is just as important- even more so. Eating right, sleeping enough, staying hydrated are all key factors in healthy physical transformation.

Of course I say all of this within reason. Please don’t quit your jobs or not pay your bills or eat all the junk food in the world for a week. I am simply saying that there are moments when energy seems to come to a boiling point and our sanity balances on the precipice of “well” and “not well”. It is more than acceptable and understandable to just stop for a minute, an hour, a day or two days and just breathe.

In the words of Ariana Grande, “just keep breathin’, and breathin’, and breathin’.” Everything is always going to be okay. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced. All we can ever do is take it one breath at a time.

-Ze ❤

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Why do you want to get fit?

Why do you want to get fit? Is it just to lose weight? Is it to fit society standards? Do you want to be strong and capable in your everyday life? Or do you just want to look good in a bikini? This question is VERY important because it is the whole foundation on which you begin your fitness journey.

I think this country has an obsession with unrealistic expectations and doctrines on what a person should look like even when they have absolutely NO RIGHT in brainwashing you into being anything other than the perfection that you are right now. So working out for the right reasons will help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain them. This will also morph and change over time. That’s perfectly okay. I’d like to share a little story about my personal journey with this question.

Back in high school in the early 2000s, I wanted to get thin. I wanted to starve myself and be beautiful because that’s what everything around me, even other girls my age, were telling me. I never ended up starving myself, though, because somewhere deep down it just felt wrong. I did, however, not eat for long periods of time and then binge. HARD. Crap food, too. As I’ve mentioned in another post, I’m an active person. I had no problem working out. But my mind wasn’t well. I didn’t care about the food I ate, mainly out of ignorance. Back then, nutrition wasn’t really a big thing and clean eating just sounded weird.

It wasn’t until my late 20s when I finally understood the old adage “your body is your temple” and “you are what you eat”. Your body is the home for your soul while you’re living life as a human being. It needs to be treated with love and respect, just as you would your best friend. With that in mind, I had to reevaluate why I was doing what I was doing. What was the purpose of putting my body through work outs every day and no longer eating all the lemon poppy seed muffins in the world? I came up with the following:

  • I want to be physically strong
  • I want to be mentally strong
  • I want to learn how to move my body in so many different ways
  • I want to learn practical movements that help me through every day life
  • I want to feel like I’m Lara Croft and able to kick somebody’s ass

Our bodies are the vessel in which we’ve been given in this lifetime to express ourselves. And what you put into your body (food, body products, what you breathe in, etc) effects every part of you, which can alter and constrict, or reform and expand your inner beauty. Because a healthy soul makes a healthy human.

Getting fit isn’t just about the physical aspect. And eating clean isn’t just a diet. You also need to become aware of your mental state- heal your mind. Welcome your emotions and try to figure out where they come from. Guided meditations are a fantastic way to be your own therapist and figure out what’s going on there. And by figuring out why you react the way you do and think the way you think, you heal your soul. Along with food.

I cannot stress this enough. What you eat is not just a diet. IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Diets are temporary. You begin them knowing that you’re not going to keep it up. You need to make the commitment to eat better for the rest of your life. Would you feed your pet crap food, stuff that’s highly processed and synthetic? I really hope your answer is no, and you shouldn’t be eating that food either!

And you don’t need to calorie count. I never did nor do I now. Because if you have body and mind awareness, you listen to your body and only want to feed it with nurturing nutritious foods. Does that mean you can never have a Snickers bar again? Hell no. Every month to a couple of months, you can bet your bottom dollar that I buy myself a big bag of flaming hot Cheetos and eat the entire thing in one sitting. AND I AM DAMNED PROUD. At the end of the day- and I’m sure you’ve heard it before- it really is about BALANCE.

So, please treat yourself- and others- kindly. We’re all going through different things and different human experiences. If others are mean to you or think poorly of you, it’s a reflection of them- not you. You’re in control of your own mind and actions. Make a commitment to be the best version of yourself you can be. Happiness is contagious. Your body and your life are not prisons. If that’s what it feels like, then ask yourself “why?” and dedicate your energy to healing that.

No matter what you believe, life is a gift that we have been given. Make the most of it. In a quote I recently heard (not sure by who) it said: “you were not meant to take this life personally”. Only you know your own truth. Anyone’s opinions and ideas of how the world works effects them, and them alone. Be your own warrior and your own healer. Love, honor, and cherish everything you are- the light and the shadow, the good and the bad.

You’re perfect, and you’ve always been enough. You don’t need anyone telling you otherwise 🙂

-Ze ❤

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YouTube Dance Fitness

It’s not always about going to the gym, lifting weights, or doing traditional cardio. There are so many different types of fitness styles out there- you should never feel limited in your choices! People do a lot of sitting nowadays, but your body was made to move and move in so many different ways. And there’s nothing that makes people want to move their bodies more than music. That, or if you’re being chased by a dinosaur or something…

Music is fun. Dancing is fun. Both things have been around for hundreds of years- they’re celebratory things, and you have so much to celebrate! You’re alive! And I’m so happy that you are! More scientifically, dancing is an easy way to build up your cardio, boosts serotonin, and relieves stress. It also strengthens the muscles, improves coordination, and encourages a full range of movement.

There are many dance fitness accounts on YouTube. Below, I’ve shared my top 3 channels. I’ve watched these videos time after time and they’re always enjoyable. Most of the time they are recent songs like you hear on the radio. Just pick a song and follow along!

Refit is a great channel that has wide variety of songs that aim to instill positivity. They also have a mix of Christian music. This channel is great for any level of fitness. There are so many songs to choose from including modern hits as well as throwbacks.

The Fitness Marshall will definitely get you sweating. With more intense chorography style, this channel has all of the latest hits you’d find on the radio. You’ll feel like you’re going to the club rather than working out! Caleb Marshall is hilarious and full of high energy!

Shine Dance Fitness is a good mix between ReFit and The Fitness Marshall. The music choice includes hits as well as songs less commonly known. Regardless, this channel offers up a variety of movements that will make you feel badass.

Dance fitness is a quick way to get your heart pumping. Try doing a song or two for a great warm up before any other workout or just play your favorite song just for the hell of it! Reframe your mind when it comes to working out and move that body!

-Ze ❤

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4 Week Workout Plan

Hi hi! Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

This week for our “Stay fit.” post is a 30-day workout plan! This consists of an assortment of Kat Musni’s and Kassandra Reinhardt videos! I figured since I’ve already introduced them in my previous two posts, it’d be fun to put their workout’s to the test! I’ve compiled a calendar that has a workout for each day. Feel free to modify. This is based on what I typically do. There are 3-4 days of strength training and 3 days of yoga. Please remember to always rest if you’re very sore! How you recover (eating clean, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep) is when your muscles really grow. So if you need to take more rest days, go right ahead! Listen to your body. Try not to take off more than two consecutive days as it makes it harder to get back into a routine.

Both instructors provide modifications in all their videos so you can do this at any level of fitness! The skeleton of this workout plan looks like this:

Monday: Lower Body
Tuesday: Total Body
Wednesday: Yoga or Rest
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: Total Body
Saturday: Yoga or Rest
Sunday: Yoga or Rest

Post Workout:
It is ideal to consume something within at least 30 minutes after a workout. Make sure there is a mix of HEALTHY protein, carbs, and fats. I workout in the morning and it’s too early for me to eat without feeling sick, so I have a vegan Orgain Protein drink then eat something nutritious when I’m able.

I’ve found that Wal-Mart has the cheapest products and I get all my workout equipment from there. Kat uses dumbbells in all the videos I’ve selected. If you are a beginner, you may use water bottles, or just your body weight until you build up more strength. Kassandra typically uses yoga blocks and a strap. Yoga blocks are a good thing to have at any level of flexibility. For a strap, I honestly use my bathrobe belt. You can also use a regular belt. Below are links for dumbbells and yoga blocks. Dumbbells also come in 2lbs and 3lbs weights.

5lb dumbbell $4.43 per weight ($8.86 for pair)
10lb dumbbell $9.97 per weight ($19.94 for pair)
15lb dumbbell $14.75 per weight ($29.50 for pair)
Yoga blocks $4.99 per block ($9.99 for pair)

Week 1:
Monday – 30 Minute STRENGTH ONLY Lower Body Workout w/ Dumbbells!
Tuesday – 30 Minute FULL BODY Strength w/ Dumbbells Workout | Building Lean Muscle for Men and Women
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Beginners – Full Body Stretch {35 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute GUN SHOW! | Upper Body Strength w/ Dumbbells Workout | Lean Muscle Building
Friday – 25 Minute Full Body STRENGTH ONLY Workout w/ Dumbbells | Build Lean Muscle at Home
Saturday – Morning Yin Yoga Class – Best Morning Yoga Stretches {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Try a 5 minute morning meditation after every workout session from Simple Habit or YouTube – 5-minute meditations. Your mind needs to be exercised just as much as your body and meditation or learning something new is the way to go.
-After each workout, in either a journal or in the notes on your phone, write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day!

Week 2:
Monday – 30 Minute Bootylicious + Lean Legs Workout | Lower Body STRENGTH ONLY Workout
Tuesday – 30 Minute KICK BUTT Full Body Cardio + Strength Home Workout
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief – {30 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute Upper Body BLAST Workout – Strength with Dumbbells
Friday – 25 Minute Full Body Cardio & Strength Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 1
Saturday – Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Tension Relief {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Want to learn a new language? Download LingoDeer and pick from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese, or Russian.
Week 3:
Monday – 30 Minute Legs and Booty BURN Strength Only Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 10
Tuesday – 30 Minute Full Body Cardio, Strength & Abs Interval Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 8
Wednesday – Yin Yoga with Affirmations for Self-Love & Healing {30 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute GUN SHOW | Upper Body Strength Workout w/ Dumbbells for Men & Women
Friday – 35 Minute Full Body FUN Dumbbell Workout | At Home Cardio, Strength & Abs
Saturday – Yin Yoga for Back Flexibility {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Do you like to write? Spend 5 minutes a day writing something- anything at all!
-Do you like to read? On your rest day, set your alarm for 20 minutes and read that book you’ve had for months.

Week 4:
Monday – 30 Minute Legs & Booty Building + KILLER Cardio Workout | Strength with Dumbbells HIIT
Tuesday – 30 Minute Full Body Strength Workout w/ Dumbbells | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 19
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Hips – Beginner Yin Yoga Class {30 min} ft. my cat Cleo
Thursday – 30 Minute Upper Body STRENGTH Workout | Killer Arms Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 5
Friday – 30 Minute FUN Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Cardio, Strength, and Abs HIIT!
Saturday – Yin Yoga to Restore & Reboot – 30 min Yoga Class Stretches
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Is there something new you’ve been wanting to try, but can’t make the time? Take a rest day and spend the 20-30 minutes from the workout trying that thing out. The key to wellness is having a healthy body, expanded mind, and an ignited soul!

If you end up doing this workout plan, please let me know how it goes! Also, as always, please reach out with any comments, suggestions, etc. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you. Take care and happy working out!

To view Kat’s channel, click here
To view Kassandra’s channel, click here

Ze ❤
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YouTube Fitness Review – Yoga with Kassandra

When I am not working on strength and cardio with Kat, I go to Kassandra Reinhardt’s YouTube channel, aptly named “Yoga with Kassandra”. Kassandra has a calm and soothing energy. Her videos contain just the right amount of educated explanations of the poses, and she has a wide assortment of videos in styles such as Power, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is a slow-moving practice where you typically stay in poses anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes. Because of this, it’s not for everyone. Some people can find it boring. I have found Yin Yoga to be an integral part of any fitness routine. While strength and cardio focus on main muscle groups, Yin Yoga focuses on strengthening the joints connective tissues. This is important for increasing flexibility and mobility, which in turn, improves any other workouts. The 10-minute video below is Kassandra going into depth about Yin.

One of my favorite series of hers is Chakra Yoga. In a Yin style sequence, Kassandra aims to balance each of the 7 chakras with specific poses. She couples this with affirmations that pertain to the respected chakra. I personally like this because my mind tends to wander during my practice, but when I am silently repeating an affirmation, it’s easier to stay centered. If you are unfamiliar with the chakra system, I will briefly summarize. The chakra system is one of many energetic systems in the body, originating from India. There are 7 nodules, wheels, or energy centers,  that house specific types of energy. These centers can become blocked or unbalanced which causes certain emotional reactions. You can click here to read what those reactions are. You can help balance the chakras with color therapy, sound therapy, yoga, food, and more. This series offers a well-rounded approach to balance the chakras in a relaxing and healing way.

Another great thing about Kassandra is she just launched an Online Yin Yoga teaching program, and she hosts international yoga retreats.

To try Yin Yoga out and have 30 minutes, I recommend this one here
If you are super short on time or want just a snippet, I recommend this 10-minute practice here

To view Kassandra’s channel, click here
To view the Chakra Yoga series, click here
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YouTube Fitness Review – Kat Musni

YouTube can be used for a lot of things. Aside from spending mindless hours watching random videos, you can also use it to get fit. As an introvert and a Cancerian, I like to stay home a lot. So, going to the gym for a regular workout isn’t really my thing. I’ve been using YouTube to work out for years and because of that, I have a few favorites. Today, I’d like to mention one, in particular, Kat Musni.

I came across Kat’s channel when I was looking to up my fitness level for my first ever Spartan race. Her workouts use dumbbells and every move is different, which is something I was looking for. Kat is a high energy, super positive person who is knowledgeable about her field. Her workouts always include a warm-up, a cool down, and great content. Mix in her motivating and insightful gab throughout the workout, you’ll feel great physically and mentally.

This past January, Kat posted her first 30-day fitness challenge called “The WarrioRAWR Challenge”. She gradually amps up the difficulty, but always offers modifications and encourages viewers to go at their own pace.

Side note: Kat is very open about her personal struggle with body image, sharing her progress every step of the way. She is a REAL PERSON and very approachable. I’ve had a few correspondences with her via Instagram and her personality is just as authentic and awesome as in her videos. I’m so thankful to have come across Kat Musni’s channel. It has changed my fitness entirely.

To view Kat’s channel, click here
To view the 30-day WarrioRAWR challenge, click here
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**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only.**