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Now, some of you may be more of a Gaston:

While others may be more of a Sam:

But since you’ve clicked on this post, I suspect you’re more like Sam. So let’s talk about books!

Reading is something that I adore. But, ever since I graduated from college, I no longer had hours to spend on a train doing that and the number of books I’ve read has plummeted. 

Short story: When I was younger, I hated reading. It took too much time and was so boring. I’d much rather be doing anything else. It wasn’t until high school that I picked up a book for entertainment’s sake. You could say I liked school as much as anyone (take what you will from that), but everything else seemed pointless to me, Most classes were borderline painful.

One day saw a friend reading a book with a tantalizing cover. It turned out to be a story about vampires (before it became a thing) and suddenly it was everything my 14-year-old brain wanted to be involved with. No, it wasn’t Twilight… that obsession came later on. This friend had a library in her locker and lent me the first book in the series. From that moment, I was hooked. Thus began my decade of reading and paying more attention to stories than the goings-on of a classroom.

Fast forward to my 29-year-old self who works two jobs (one being a book store) and is pretty okay at hanging out with people (pre-corona), I don’t read as much. With that being said, I still try to get a book in now and then. In the past, I wrote a book review on Spirits and Guides by DJ Conway (which you can view here) and I would like to continue to write reviews. This time, however, instead of doing one at a time, I’ll share short and sweet summaries of the books I have read over the past year or so.

You’ll need tissues when reading this book, but if you have ever loved and lost a beloved pet, this book will give you a different perspective on death- helping you to heal. Losing someone dear to you can leave behind guilt, pain, fear, and more, but after reading this sweet book, all of that will lessen.

Loaded with pictures of sound waves, you visually get to see the audio waves of positive versus negative words and truly grasp the idea that is vibration. People seem to either love or dislike Doreen Virtue, but putting that aside, this short book is unlike any other in which you are presented with the opportunity to see how you say affects you.

This book provides you with tools and a foundation to begin a spiritual practice – from remembering dreams to confronting your shadows. “The term quantum warrior is a metaphor for what is possible in our life, and around this metaphor we build am elaborate mythology based upon the truths that quantum reality reveals to us.” It teaches us wisdom as old as time itself: we are a part of consciousness and we are all one. Drawing parallels between theology, mythology, and the human experience we know today, I will be reading this book again.

Compiled of 111 different “vibes”, this book starts from the root chakra and works it way up with short blurbs and a meditation about how to align with your highest self. You can do one a day or use it as an oracle and flip to what the universe wants you to know immediately. This book is great for people who want to incorporate some type of spiritual practice into their everyday lives. Also, the cover is shiny. *_*

Sophia’s Tale is just as it states in its subtitle: a fairytale for adults. A retelling of the Gnostic myth, Pistis Sophia, our protagonist, Sophia, lives in the City of Rainbow Light and dreams of a prince. Once her father forbids her to go to him, she leaves her home to follow her heart. Thus her journey from child to woman begins as she uncovers truths about herself and the world around her. This novella is fast-moving and easy to read that keeps you wanting to turn the page. “Wisdom is a language. Silence, its tongue. Wholeness, its destination.”

The first in a series of seven, “Throne of Glass” is a book about Erilea’s notorious assassin, Celeana Sardonthian. Saved from slavery in the salt mines of Endovier, we follow Celeana through a tournament of champions to win her freedom. However, one by one, the champions are brutally murdered. Celeana needs to find the murderer before she’s next and looses her second chance at life. This book is engaging, to say the least. It switches perspective from Celeana to other characters in the story, only giving the reader pertinent information as the story unfolds its enticing mysteries. Young adult fantasy fiction is my jam and this book satisfies that.

As we get older and like with most things, just sitting down and reading can be a challenge. After a long day at work, you would rather mind-meld into a show, eat mindlessly, and go to bed. I’m aware that reading culture is strong for a lot of people- as it once was for me-, but times ebb and flow. If you are like me, I’d like to share a tip on how you can start reading once more:

I try to dedicate 30 minutes a day before bed for fiction and 30 minutes on my day off for nonfiction. Just set the timer on your phone and read until it sounds. Your brain will be so much happier. Reading an actual book stimulates the brain differently from a tv show or a video game. Don’t get me wrong, I binge things on Netflix and turn on my PS4 from time to time, however, there is no imagination involved. Your mind isn’t at work mentally painting the sidewalk of a city, constructing the face of a character, or mapping out the walk from the forest to the castle.

Love and light,
Ze ❤

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