30-Day Summer Series Challenge – Day 29, Day 30 & Results

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Below are the FINAL two days for the “It Takes Grit Summer Series Challenge.” We made it! There were days when I struggled to get up and move, but I managed to push myself and do the workout. (Also, having a blog currently posting about a challenge serves as great motivation) After Day 29 and 30 are complete, scroll down to view the results I got from following this program.

Week 5

Day 29

Day 30

The Results are in…

After 4.2 weeks of working out with Rebecca Louise, here we are- at the end. We all come into these 30-Day challenges with goals we’d like to achieve. Mine was to feel better about myself and to tone up a bit. Judging from how I’m feeling mentally and physically, and seeing the progress in the photos below, I’d say mission accomplished. My mentality has gotten back to a more positive state, and my overall confidence has improved. Truth-be-told, I was feeling a little down about myself last month, which is why I chose to participate in this challenge.

If you have been doing these workouts along with me, you may have heard Rebecca mention the nutrition plan that went in conjunction with the videos. I did not follow that. I like to think I eat pretty well. During this month, however, I did make it another goal of mine to enhance the quality of food I eat. I focused on getting more nutritional density from food and relying less on supplements.

Now, on to the before and after photos! *drumroll, please* 🥁

From what I’ve observed, the changes (aside from getting a haircut), though subtle, are slimmer arms, thighs, and love handles, a more defined butt, and reduced back fat. I’ll take that as a win.

Final Thoughts

After spending so much time with Rebecca- albeit a one-sided, virtual experience- it’ll be strange not hearing her voice every morning. Given the slowly lifting lockdown policies, I’ve seen her more than any other person I know in the past three months. All-in-all, it’s been a great 30 days- we’ve danced together, laughed together, and maybe even cried a bit.

In regards to the ITG challenge, I enjoyed Rebecca’s innovative ways to compile moves we have all done a thousand times and keep the workouts engaging. I believe my success was attributed to the more rigorous workouts six days a week as opposed to my usual three. One thing for sure is: I will be revisiting these workouts when I go back to my regular schedule- I miss yoga. So much. I will, however, be adding in an extra day or two of body weight/strength training workouts on top of what I typically do. I want to keep my body toned and my mind happy- who doesn’t?

To view Rebecca’s channel, click here.

To view the ITG Summer Series Challenge workouts all in one place, click here.

Thank you all for following along. We now return to our regularly scheduled programing. 😉

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30-Day Summer Series Challenge – Week 1

At least twice a year, I like to shake up my workout routine and do a 14-Day or 30-Day challenge. When I take part in a challenge, I get to see how strong my body has become by doing things I normally wouldn’t choose for myself.

For this month, I will be following along a Fitness YouTuber named Rebecca-Louise and complete her Summer Series 30-Day Challenge. Please note that this series went live on her channel in May and has already concluded. So sadly, the live videos and prizes she talks about are past date!

Summer Series Trailer

Before we get into this month’s movement challenge, let’s get to know a little bit about our trainer.

Rebecca-Louise’s Story

I try my best do these challenges without focusing on gaining a six-pack, losing inches around my waist, or shedding some fat on my body. I do these types of things to see what my body can do, what my mind can adapt to, and just to feel good about accomplishing something. If any of those things listed happens, then cool, but it is simply a side effect of the process- not the goal. While what I said above is true, there is still another part of me that still feels conditioned to think I need to achieve more with my body.

Let’s bring attention to the thumbnails and words used associated with this challenge and so many others. As we all have learned, toned, half-naked bodies sell. Pair them with words like “sexy, tight, tiny, burn fat,” and you’ve struck gold. As we have learned, Rebecca-Louise has overcome A LOT and is on her healing journey. I 100% support that. It is, however, images and words just like mentioned above that are nailed into our minds making us believe we have to achieve that in order to be wanted, loved, accepted. And when you think about it, really think about it, that’s just plain silly.

Our bodies are made by perfect design with many complicated systems to keep us walking and talking. It knows how to heal itself. It knows how to give signals to the brain when the body needs food, water, rest, etc. But you know what gets in the way of all that? Us, more specifically, our thoughts, our perceptions, and our impressions. These all come from society, other people, and when we ignore the inherent trust within us all. So please, remember that whenever you get triggered by images of “thin” and “fit” people. Remember that your body is perfect, that it loves you and just wants you to live. It’s up to you to honor it by your thoughts and your lifestyle. Treat yourself with love and respect. Because you are worth all the happiness, love, and joy in the world. 

One last note before we start: I’ve gone through my first month of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching Program, and let me tell you, I have already learned so much. One of their concepts is bio-individuality, which put simply, is that we are all different. One person’s food, workout, lifestyle is another’s poison. So, when doing this workout and any others, remember that results are unique to you and you alone. Also, please , if applicable, consult with any physicians necessary before embarking on any fitness journey. Without out further adieu, let’s begin!

Week One

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Stay tuned next for week 2 of our challenge!

Love and light, 

Ze ❤

**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only. All images are obtained from Google search engine.**