30-Day Summer Series Challenge – Week 3

It’s official: we are halfway through this challenge- and the month of June for that matter! If you are just joining us, head over to Week One to learn everything you need to know about the “It Takes Grit” summer series challenge followed by Week Two for the continuation of workouts.

If these workouts are kicking your butt and leave you feeling sore a couple of days after, check out Rebecca’s tips for optimal recovery:

The Podcast

On my ride home from work, I’ve picked up listening to Rebecca’s podcast that goes along with this series. Starting back in 2019, “It Takes Grit” divulges about her life, her struggles, and her journey to the person she is today. Unlike most podcasts, each week is themed and Rebecca leaves her listeners with tangible steps they can take to accomplish their dreams and endeavors. Below is the most recent podcast:

Week Three

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

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30-Day Summer Series Challenge – Week 1

At least twice a year, I like to shake up my workout routine and do a 14-Day or 30-Day challenge. When I take part in a challenge, I get to see how strong my body has become by doing things I normally wouldn’t choose for myself.

For this month, I will be following along a Fitness YouTuber named Rebecca-Louise and complete her Summer Series 30-Day Challenge. Please note that this series went live on her channel in May and has already concluded. So sadly, the live videos and prizes she talks about are past date!

Summer Series Trailer

Before we get into this month’s movement challenge, let’s get to know a little bit about our trainer.

Rebecca-Louise’s Story

I try my best do these challenges without focusing on gaining a six-pack, losing inches around my waist, or shedding some fat on my body. I do these types of things to see what my body can do, what my mind can adapt to, and just to feel good about accomplishing something. If any of those things listed happens, then cool, but it is simply a side effect of the process- not the goal. While what I said above is true, there is still another part of me that still feels conditioned to think I need to achieve more with my body.

Let’s bring attention to the thumbnails and words used associated with this challenge and so many others. As we all have learned, toned, half-naked bodies sell. Pair them with words like “sexy, tight, tiny, burn fat,” and you’ve struck gold. As we have learned, Rebecca-Louise has overcome A LOT and is on her healing journey. I 100% support that. It is, however, images and words just like mentioned above that are nailed into our minds making us believe we have to achieve that in order to be wanted, loved, accepted. And when you think about it, really think about it, that’s just plain silly.

Our bodies are made by perfect design with many complicated systems to keep us walking and talking. It knows how to heal itself. It knows how to give signals to the brain when the body needs food, water, rest, etc. But you know what gets in the way of all that? Us, more specifically, our thoughts, our perceptions, and our impressions. These all come from society, other people, and when we ignore the inherent trust within us all. So please, remember that whenever you get triggered by images of “thin” and “fit” people. Remember that your body is perfect, that it loves you and just wants you to live. It’s up to you to honor it by your thoughts and your lifestyle. Treat yourself with love and respect. Because you are worth all the happiness, love, and joy in the world. 

One last note before we start: I’ve gone through my first month of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching Program, and let me tell you, I have already learned so much. One of their concepts is bio-individuality, which put simply, is that we are all different. One person’s food, workout, lifestyle is another’s poison. So, when doing this workout and any others, remember that results are unique to you and you alone. Also, please , if applicable, consult with any physicians necessary before embarking on any fitness journey. Without out further adieu, let’s begin!

Week One

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Stay tuned next for week 2 of our challenge!

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4 Week Workout Plan

Hi hi! Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

This week for our “Stay fit.” post is a 30-day workout plan! This consists of an assortment of Kat Musni’s and Kassandra Reinhardt videos! I figured since I’ve already introduced them in my previous two posts, it’d be fun to put their workout’s to the test! I’ve compiled a calendar that has a workout for each day. Feel free to modify. This is based on what I typically do. There are 3-4 days of strength training and 3 days of yoga. Please remember to always rest if you’re very sore! How you recover (eating clean, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep) is when your muscles really grow. So if you need to take more rest days, go right ahead! Listen to your body. Try not to take off more than two consecutive days as it makes it harder to get back into a routine.

Both instructors provide modifications in all their videos so you can do this at any level of fitness! The skeleton of this workout plan looks like this:

Monday: Lower Body
Tuesday: Total Body
Wednesday: Yoga or Rest
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: Total Body
Saturday: Yoga or Rest
Sunday: Yoga or Rest

Post Workout:
It is ideal to consume something within at least 30 minutes after a workout. Make sure there is a mix of HEALTHY protein, carbs, and fats. I workout in the morning and it’s too early for me to eat without feeling sick, so I have a vegan Orgain Protein drink then eat something nutritious when I’m able.

I’ve found that Wal-Mart has the cheapest products and I get all my workout equipment from there. Kat uses dumbbells in all the videos I’ve selected. If you are a beginner, you may use water bottles, or just your body weight until you build up more strength. Kassandra typically uses yoga blocks and a strap. Yoga blocks are a good thing to have at any level of flexibility. For a strap, I honestly use my bathrobe belt. You can also use a regular belt. Below are links for dumbbells and yoga blocks. Dumbbells also come in 2lbs and 3lbs weights.

5lb dumbbell $4.43 per weight ($8.86 for pair)
10lb dumbbell $9.97 per weight ($19.94 for pair)
15lb dumbbell $14.75 per weight ($29.50 for pair)
Yoga blocks $4.99 per block ($9.99 for pair)

Week 1:
Monday – 30 Minute STRENGTH ONLY Lower Body Workout w/ Dumbbells!
Tuesday – 30 Minute FULL BODY Strength w/ Dumbbells Workout | Building Lean Muscle for Men and Women
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Beginners – Full Body Stretch {35 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute GUN SHOW! | Upper Body Strength w/ Dumbbells Workout | Lean Muscle Building
Friday – 25 Minute Full Body STRENGTH ONLY Workout w/ Dumbbells | Build Lean Muscle at Home
Saturday – Morning Yin Yoga Class – Best Morning Yoga Stretches {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Try a 5 minute morning meditation after every workout session from Simple Habit or YouTube – 5-minute meditations. Your mind needs to be exercised just as much as your body and meditation or learning something new is the way to go.
-After each workout, in either a journal or in the notes on your phone, write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day!

Week 2:
Monday – 30 Minute Bootylicious + Lean Legs Workout | Lower Body STRENGTH ONLY Workout
Tuesday – 30 Minute KICK BUTT Full Body Cardio + Strength Home Workout
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief – {30 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute Upper Body BLAST Workout – Strength with Dumbbells
Friday – 25 Minute Full Body Cardio & Strength Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 1
Saturday – Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Tension Relief {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Want to learn a new language? Download LingoDeer and pick from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese, or Russian.
Week 3:
Monday – 30 Minute Legs and Booty BURN Strength Only Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 10
Tuesday – 30 Minute Full Body Cardio, Strength & Abs Interval Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 8
Wednesday – Yin Yoga with Affirmations for Self-Love & Healing {30 min}
Thursday – 30 Minute GUN SHOW | Upper Body Strength Workout w/ Dumbbells for Men & Women
Friday – 35 Minute Full Body FUN Dumbbell Workout | At Home Cardio, Strength & Abs
Saturday – Yin Yoga for Back Flexibility {30 min}
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Do you like to write? Spend 5 minutes a day writing something- anything at all!
-Do you like to read? On your rest day, set your alarm for 20 minutes and read that book you’ve had for months.

Week 4:
Monday – 30 Minute Legs & Booty Building + KILLER Cardio Workout | Strength with Dumbbells HIIT
Tuesday – 30 Minute Full Body Strength Workout w/ Dumbbells | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 19
Wednesday – Yin Yoga for Hips – Beginner Yin Yoga Class {30 min} ft. my cat Cleo
Thursday – 30 Minute Upper Body STRENGTH Workout | Killer Arms Workout | WarrioRAWR Challenge Day 5
Friday – 30 Minute FUN Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Cardio, Strength, and Abs HIIT!
Saturday – Yin Yoga to Restore & Reboot – 30 min Yoga Class Stretches
Sunday – Rest

Add ons:
-Is there something new you’ve been wanting to try, but can’t make the time? Take a rest day and spend the 20-30 minutes from the workout trying that thing out. The key to wellness is having a healthy body, expanded mind, and an ignited soul!

If you end up doing this workout plan, please let me know how it goes! Also, as always, please reach out with any comments, suggestions, etc. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you. Take care and happy working out!

To view Kat’s channel, click here
To view Kassandra’s channel, click here

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**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any links that I post. Any programs, products, sites, etc. I mention are for sharing purposes only.**